Conservation Outcomes
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  • Protected area security strategic needs assessment (threat analyses, human resources/capacity and infrastructure)
  • Development of a Protected Area Security Operations Plan for the specific area
  • On-site training customized to the needs identified during the initial strategic assessment
  • Overseeing implementation of the operations plan
  • Placement and management of experienced mentors, working closely with middle
    management in giving effect to and ensuring sustainability of the Operations Plan
  • Management effectiveness monitoring and training
  • Infrastructure assessments including roads, buildings, equipment
  • Field Ranger/Game Scout-related wildlife management skills, both theory and practical, covering the following subjects:

    Rhino monitoring
    Fire ecology and management
    Dangerous big game handling

Conservation Outcomes
Conservation Outcomes

The lion is the latest species swept up in the insatiable trade in wildlife for the Asian ‘medicinal’ market. As tigers become scarcer and the number of consumers explodes, the poachers are hunting further afield. South Africa’s lion breeders now sell lion bones openly to Chinese markets. Wild lions have a new value to local people - dismembered as parts and pieces, to sell into the same trade routes that end on restaurant tables in China. The lion is running out of time. A recent report, co-authored by Panthera and a large team of lion biologists, found that half of Africa’s wild lion populations will approach extinction in the next 20-40 years.”
Dr. Luke Hunter

Conservation Outcomes

It is all too easy to sign up to conventions, ... Now these governments need to send a clear message that poaching will not be tolerated.” John Sellar.
Conservation Outcomes